Saturday, January 16, 2010

12 Months 5 Continents

Jan 09 in Machu Pichu

In the last 12 months (and 2 days short of being able to say calendar year 2009) the balance in my travel between work and life was for once skewed in favour of life; and I managed to visit 5 continents (all except for North America and Antartica - although I did get to the town, Ushuaia, where the Antarctic boats leave from). Included in this travel was the only existing Ancient Wonder of the World (Pyramids of Giza) as well as two of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World' (Taj Mahal and Machu Pichu).

Taj Tourist

... and in Giza

The year started in Argentina, with New Year's Day spent hiking Cerro Fitzroy near the Patagonian town of El Chalten and finished (for the purposed of this note) flying to Egypt on New Year's Day 2010 after spending New Year's eve in Clonakilty.

In between I managed to visit South America (Chile and Peru in January), Asia (India in July / August) and Europe (England, Ireland and Switzerland in December); as well spending the rest of the year in Australia - travelling to Melbourne multiple times for work; and Euroa in Victoria on the October long weekend. There were also stop-overs in New Zealand (first year in 7 that I didn't visit NZ) Dubai and Singapore. All this before finishing in Africa (Egypt).

Best not to think of the carbon footprint all that flying might have left; at a rough calculation 30 flights + 5 or so Melbourne returns, and instead reflect on a great year's travel.