Thursday, January 26, 2012

Washington DC

Leaving Sydney
The USA trip started, as most trips from Down Under do, with an interminable arse haul from Sydney Airport - in our case flying to Washington, via LA, surely the most awful airport in the first world. After arriving at 6am and what seemed like hours of queuing we finally made our way into Terminal 3; only to discover the choice for breakfast was Starbucks or Burger King. Luckily we persisted and found a great seafood restaurant, Gladstones, which served a spicy Mexican breakfast - accompanied by a mean Bloody Mary !
Bloody Breakfast
At Washington Airport we were enthusiastically greeted by Angus and quickly made our way back to Arlington where Caren and 4 month old Lochlan were waiting for us.  A 4 hour house tour followed - Angus and Caren have got some work ahead of them to fill up their place -  although Angus has already started knocking down walls luckily.


Speaking off renovations, Saturday was also dedicated to gardening and preparing for a BBQ with some of Caren and Gus's local friends. An overgrown corner of the yard was turned into a seating area; plants were transferred and fertile soil was saved and re-used.

In between the social activity there was also time for seeing the town. Friday morning after arriving we headed into the mall to see the prime sites - White House, Congress, Lincoln Memorial - and the Washington Monument from 27 different angles.
Jefferson Memorial

WWII Memorial - Pacific


Washington Monument

The last full day in Washington was spent at the Smithsonian - fewer photos indoors (none at the National History Museum), although we managed to visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and saw some great old rockets. Amazingly the only food available in the museum is provided by McDonalds - so Ilaria relented and had what she calls a 'dirty meal' - fittingly an Angus burger.

Dirty Burger

Sputnik - or similar !

Finally - the two most famous buildings in Washington - if not the USA.
Chez Barack
We also found time for a trip to Alexandria - with so many photos it gets its own blog post. The rest of the Washington photos are here.

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