Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Greetings from Oaxaca

Hi everyone from Oaxaca, a very cute town in the south east of Mexico. Saturday afternoon my time, Sunday 7am for those of you in Australia, so (hopefully) you won't be reading this for a while.

For those of you with time constraints or jobs, i have prepared short and long versions of this email (now post). This is the short version:

Trip - bloody long and painful.
LA Airport - see above. 2 hours of queues
Mexico City Airport - see above, with more pushing.
Dallas Airport - nice and organised (get them to run LAX) - but no one was drinking in the lounge (at 4pm) except me and one pommy guy.
Door to Door - best part of 24 hours.
First Scab - taxi driver, asking for a tip on a prepaid trip clearly marked tipping not required.
Tequila/Mexcal - not yet, tonight maybe (Oaxaca is the home of mexcal - the difference is in the type of agave)
Corona - no. Sol, and Modelo Especial (my favourite) yes !
Food - so far, disappointing. Keep being given bloody fajitas even when i don't order them. I have a nice place lined up for tonight though.
Mexico City - dirty smelly chaotic.
Hotel - noisy, mossies, itchy sheets.
Aztecs - bloody and violent.
Spaniards - likewise.
Temples - only ruins so far.
Oaxaca - rocks. If i lived in the states i'd come here all the time. Like the most attractive spanish town you can think of (most like Salamanca) except a lot more colour and a lot more
run down.
Next stop - San Cristobal, via Tabasco (not stopping there as the main town - Villahermosa or Pretty Town is apparently anything but). San Cristobal is capital of the Chiapas state, some of you might remember a disturbance there a few years ago. Apparently all is ok now, but we'll see. Looking forward to my 12 hours overnight bus trip - the cheap trips are 16 hours !

Original Date: March 9, 2003

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