Monday, May 19, 2008


My favourite ruins so far deserve a post all to themselves. With their setting surrounded by the jungle, and in varying stages of disrepair, Palenque ruins are the archetypal American ruins.

What might amaze you is that the ancient Mayans worshipped a dog-like animal who has since been adopted by modern North Americans; and answers to the name of: Snoopy !

I've posted many more photos here.


smc2911 said...

Palenque is much more impressive than my favourite ruins: our upstairs study.

Duncan said...

So we won't be seeing any Stubborn musings on the upstairs study anytime soon ?

Letizia said...

I love these ones, it's the picture that comes to mind when thinking about Mexico. A bit like the Opera House for Sydney :-)

Duncan said...

Interesting thought Letizia - I wonder if in a milennia or two from now (assuming the world lasts that long) tourists will flock to visit the ruins of the Opera House and the like. Problem is, it will probably be 30m under water by then - a world famous dive site !